About the Company

Winpeo  Sales-as-a-Service

Winpeo specialises in sales outsourcing for organisations within the digital market and IT industry for Europe. Our strategy combines a qualitative database with a team of multilingual digital specialists. We use a variety of tools such as classical prospection, campaign tracking, social selling and a methodical approach to market analysis.

Winpeo also enjoys a wide network of partners for indirect sales and has a team of highly experienced Senior Sales that will close your deals, as well as sign and renew your contracts for you.

What We Do?

We sell for the software industry. We provide tailor-made sales outsourcing services, along the entire sales cycle in Benelux.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in our results-based model. Our commitment to a shared risk is what sets us apart and drives us towards delivering on our KPIs.

Our Vision

” My country is different…”

The Benelux is a key reference market for the software industry, but complex to navigate for new players. Through us, you can easily circumvent the complexity of this market.

Return on Investment

We assure a high ROI ! Because we share the risk with you…

Our Offices

WinPeo Europe - Wallonia
Rue de la Bruyère 5A
1380 Lasne
Phone Number : +32 2 896 55 71
WinPeo Europe - Flanders
Ikaroslaan 1
1930 Zaventem
Phone Number : +32 2 896 55 72
WinPeo France - Paris
42 rue Monge
75005 Paris
Phone Number : +33 1 89 1967 71
WinPeo France - Avignon
Château Durbesson
84203 Carpentras
Phone Number : +33 4 88 97 99 00

Meet the Team

A mix of skills dedicated to help you to reach your KPI

Vincent Cuypers
Vincent Cuypers
Founder and CEO - WinPeo Europe
Rik Reynaers
Rik Reynaers
Co Founder - COO WinPeo Europe
Daniel Afanasiev
Daniel Afanasiev
Partner - Senior BDM WinPeo Europe
Laurent Olagnon
Laurent Olagnon
President - WinPeo France
Alban Viano
Alban Viano
General Manager WinPeo France