Strategy Assessment
Strategy Assessment
In order to understand your existing situation and the challenge to represent you in the BeNeLux, we need to meet the Sales Manager, the Marketing Manager and the Managing Director.

To reach the same objectives we want to be sure you are all alligned.

Therefore it’s important to understand your expectations and your ambitions.

Phone Prospection
Outbound Lead-generation Campaigns
Our experienced dedicated insides Sales will focus on prospecting & nurturing your addressable market.

These business developers have the knowledge of the local market and the digital solutions. They are well-seasoned in Demand Generation on several Technology solutions.

Our experts will qualify the marketneeds, find new opportunities and leads and generate appointments.

Leads Inbound campaign
Social Selling
Due to Covid 19, we had to adapt to new ways of coming into contact with decision-makers. We have invested in the best social lead generation technologies compatible with LinkedIn. We have succeeded in generating new leads with a target that works differently from home.

Some figures from lead campaigns managed via LinkedIn :

  • 91% of decision-makers are convinced that the impact of social networks on the act of purchasing will increase
  • 79% of decision makers have already responded to the direct solicitation of a salesperson on social networks
Outsoursing Sales
Sales Force Outsourcing
With our broad expertise in local sales management, WinPeo’s sales professionals will meet, follow-up and close new business. They are experienced in European markets, especially Benelux and France and with their broad network they will open doors and close deals for you.

These account managers will also negotiate contracts and renewals.

sales as a Service
Market Analysis
In order to get a better understanding of your target market, WinPeo can analyse your ecosystem during a detailed market survey campaign.

The report will allow you to adapt your message and your offering according to relevant market trends.

Leads Inbound campaign
Boost your Partner network
With more than 30 years of successful IT-marketing activities behind us, WinPeo has built a thorough insight in the Benelux distributor and channel landscape. WinPeo helps you with the selection, communication, negotiation and final set-up of your most adapted partner network.