Webinar WinPeo: A paradigm shift in sales after Covid-19

In collaboration with the Belgian, Luxembourg, Romanian, Moldovan Chamber of Commerce (berocc.com), WinPeo (winpeo.com) had the chance to organize a webinar about “A paradigm shift in sales after Covid-19”.

The B2B sales world has always been deeply affected by changes in society that bring upon changes in consumer behavior. And if COVID-19 has done nothing else, it has profoundly affected the way consumers interact with brands.

“A paradigm shift in sales after Covid-19!”

In this webinar we are going to explain what you must do to follow this new shift in sales.

With the great following speakers: Rik Reynaers, co-Founder of WinPeo & Daniel Afanasiev, Chief Product Officer @ WinPeo.

You can watch the recording here.