How to accelerate your growth with Sales as a Service? Firstly, we start with a strategic assessment to gain an understanding of your addressable market. In doing this, we accurately define your target and give you insights which will aid in future projects.
After that, we offer a combination of outbound and inbound approaches in order to generate leads. Thanks to our extensive reach we can also offer you the opportunity to develop your indirect sales network.
Together with our experienced Field Sales specialists we close deals for you. These specialists are highly adaptable to different cultures, boast a multilingual curriculum. They will use these attributes to build lasting relationships. Besides that we also ensure your contract renewals.
Sales Outsourcing

We are neither a call center, nor a reseller…

  • We are a Sales as a Service or outsourced sales supplier
  • We commit to KPIs and a shared risk
  • We offer a variety of sales resources to promote your solution
  • We adapt your sales organization to match your company’s style
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WinPeo’s sales outsourcing makes the difference

« The early bird catches the worm » John Ray 1670.

Success is the result of effort, preparation, and a thorough understanding of the importance of having the right tools to succeed…


We use a fully GDPR-compliant database. Thanks to WinPeo’s innovative tactics we know the exact type of infrastructure, software tools and renewal dates of major contracts. As a result, we’re able to accurately target your prospecting campaigns.


Our company uses a state-of-the-art commercial platform. It allows us to easily navigate within the addressable market and centralise any relevant information. In order to conduct professional sales talks. We can nurture potential customers in accordance with GDPR-regulations. Our sales activity is monitored by daily and weekly KPIs.

Geographic Presence

We are based in “The Heart of Europe”. The Benelux is widely seen as microcosm of Europe and a representative for the average European market. With our local market knowledge combined with large personal networks we will outline the best route for your success. Whether you’re a new player or an existing player wanting to develop your intra-european revenue with our Sales Outsourcing.

Custom Budgeting

When starting in Europe, you’ll want a full-blown budget from day one. We will apply our deep understanding and know-how to provide you with valuable market analysis and insights. With shared resources or not, we’ll grow the salespipe and close your first deals. In a second phase, this can serve as the foundation for your internal sales to get up and running. Or we become a permanent part of your sales team that brings in the numbers.

Benefits of working with WinPeo

  • Our professionals who have an extensive track record in the European market run WinPeo with a solid network of contacts in a wide range of sectors. Knowledge of the (corporate) culture and history and language are one of the characteristics that set them apart. An external business developer needs only to focus on one thing, scale up your revenue. This helps your company focus on the other important means to success.
  • It’s a long process to hire and assign new employees. And then waiting until they adjust to the new market, familiarize themselves with the culture, get the appropriate contacts, etc.
    With WinPeo’s sales outsourcing strategy you can start your Business Development Activities immediately and bypass all these obstacles.
  • Hiring staff to run your business in Europe has an undefined ROI. Besides that it’s also much more expensive than Sales as a Service. But why would you commit to big investments? WinPeo’s sales outsourcing invoices fixed costs + a commission for its services. It’s a win-win situation. We only make a profit when the specific objectives have been achieved and the contracts have been signed.
  • Regarding to the duration of the contract and the allocation of resources WinPeo is really flexible.  As a result you can adjust the service mix at will with a single point of contact.
  • We will cover the full sales cycle of your company. From analysing the market to closing deals. Because of this you can scale up your sales and revenue while your efforts and risks are low.
  • If you are looking to expand your business in Europe there is a chance you do not have the market knowledge for that. By outsourcing this to WinPeo you will benefit from a European market experience of more than 20 years.
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Our Sales Outsourcing Expertise

Building up new relationships in a new market, asks your full attention every day. As your Sales as a Service specialist, WinPeo will help you grow, based on local expertise & market insights.

Maturity Assessment Report80
Lead Generation90
Phone Hunting85
Social Selling70

Pricing Plans

The WinPeo Sales as a Service offer is available in 3 modules which can be ordered separately or combined :


  • Database
  • Market readiness Assessment
  • Target market definition
  • Granular segmentation and extraction tools
  • Localisation of sales tools


  • Align the prospecting databases
  • Prospection calls by our multilingual team
  • Prospection to acquire new channel partners
  • Social Selling (Inbound leads)
  • Generate online demos and Appointments